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July 22, 2011

I will be writing a series of blogs about sections of the utorrent apps api that I think are of particular importance. I’ll provide a rough outline and then try to fill in the sections one blog at a time. If there’s a topic of particular interest, please let me know and I’ll make sure to go into detail. The topics are in no particular order and will probably be discussed in order of interest to myself 🙂

1. Downloading the sdk, and getting a hello world app running. (this is really not trivial unfortunately, and kind of terrifying to me. I’ll need a weekend to get this one sorted out)

2. App to app messaging. This is the heart of the distributed networking stuff that uchat and several future projects are based on. In my opinion this is the most exciting aspect of writing apps for utorrent as it’s completely different (and arguably much more complex) than the server/client model.

3. Basic torrenting. This is not app specific, but there’s a ton of little tricks to using torrents that should probably be addressed. This will be stuff like using trackers, starting/stopping, peers, extension messages…

4. DHT (Distributed Hash Table). I’ll refer to the wikipedia on Kademlia, but its a pretty important part of the bittorrent system, and opens possibilities for some pretty cool apps. I’ll mostly talk about using it for “fun and profit”, not necessarily how it works.

5. Privacy/Security. People want it, not matter what FB believes. I’ll touch on some of the issues that I dealt with when developing uchat. Basically just a how to on protecting your users from themselves and others. I’ll also address the permissions that your app needs to perform various operations.

6. Debugging! Its not obvious how to do it for apps inside of utorrent, but its pretty straight forward, and absolutely necessary.

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